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Do you pay monthly or yearly for your bank account?

Do you pay a monthly
or yearly fee for your
bank account?
If so, it could be
payback time.

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Banks have been mis-selling accounts and we can help you claim compensation for them.

The truth about ‘packaged’ bank account benefits

These benefits sound great but in far too many cases, consumers have discovered – too late – that they’ve been paying for something they’ll never be able to claim on.

The bottom line is that consumers have been duped into taking on an account by a heavily incentivised – and sometimes heavily pressurised – sales advisor at their bank.

Are you one of the UK’s seven million people spending up to £300 a year on a product that’s at best useless.

If so, the time has come to claim it back »

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How much would a claim be worth?

The value of your claim will be the total of the packaged charges together with statutory interest of 8% from the time of payment to the time of refund.

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In the press

FCA Director of Policy, Sheila Nicoll on packaged bank accounts:


“These products are often referred to as upgraded accounts, but if you end up paying for an element you can’t claim on, it’s money down the drain

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